November Top Cats

Congratulations to the November Top Cats! Faculty and Staff at YHS recognize a student each month for exemplifying outstanding personal, academic, or community achievement. Plus they receive a Bagel Basket gift card! We are really proud of this month’s recipients 🐾 

David St. Pierre

Evan Giacobba

Audrey Drennan

Paighton Eaton

Danielle Anthony

Madeline LeBlanc

Adah King

Kaitlyn Hatfield-Landry

Audrey Johnston

Maeghan O’Brien

Jason Woodward

Sophia Luchette

Hazel Kellogg

Makayla Zietala

Maclean Douris

Kirra Griffin

Danielle Anthony

Anna Westover

Callin Noonan

Rohin Collis

Grace Seah

Coralyn Robinson

Kyle Breckon

Gwen Silva

Eliza Woods x3!