Substance Use Support


Substance Use Support at York High School is provided by our Student Wellness Counselor, Lynne Hatch. Lynne Hatch holds a BS in Mental Health & Human Services with a concentration in Adolescent Substance Use. Mrs. Hatch is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Certified Prime for LIfe Facilitator, a Prevention Specialist and holds over 60 hours in Adolescent Grief training.

The Student Wellness Counselor is an on-site counselor who identifies and assists students experiencing personal stressors that can impede their school performance, and negatively impact their social and emotional well-being. The Student Wellness Counselor meets with students who are navigating a variety of personal issues, including those related to alcohol and other drugs, depression, anxiety, family and friend stressors to name a few. Once a student is referred to the Student Wellness Counselor, the counselor will meet with the student per the School Policy of a minimum of three times, if there is a Code of Conduct violation, and then per the students directive. The counselor will meet for a non-clinical assessment, and either refer the student to other services in the school or community, or the Student Wellness Counselor will provide brief counseling to address specific issues.


Ditch your vape


Parent Helpline: If you, any caregiver, need help navigating your child’s use, you can reach out for One-on-One help, Call 1-855-DRUGFREE, or TEXT to 55753



A Smartphone App to Help with Recovery

To help support individuals in recovery from substance use disorder, Addiction Policy Forum has partnered with CHESS Health to launch the Connections App, a free smartphone app that is scientifically proven to support patients in recovery by reducing relapse and promoting pro-social engagement.


As our country works to contain the spread of the coronavirus, it’s more important than ever to reach out and help each other. Especially those affected by addiction, who often felt isolated and alone well before this global pandemic came along.

So pick up the phone. Check in on your people.

Join a virtual recovery meeting, or send recovery resources to someone who might need them.


Granite Recovery Centers is continuing to operate for detox and residential services during this time period. They can provide transportation for Mainers needing assistance with both alcohol or substance use disorder. They now work with Veterans Insurance (VA CCN and TriCare East to nam a couple), NH Medicaid, and All other Commercial Insurance (HMO's will work because of our contracts). Direct call 207-650-0637.

In an article released by the National Institute on Drug Abuse on March 24th, 2020, there is evidence to believe that those who are in active use may be at a heightened level of risk. The following link highlights some of the best information we have to date.

Several highlights are:

  • Vaping, like smoking, may also harm lung health. Whether it can lead to COPD is still unknown, but emerging evidence suggests that exposure to aerosols from e-cigarettes harms the cells of the lung and diminishes the ability to respond to infection. In one NIH-supported study, for instance, influenza virus-infected mice exposed to these aerosols had enhanced tissue damage and inflammation.
  • We know very little right now about COVID-19 and even less about its intersection with substance use disorders. But we can make educated guesses based on past experience that people with compromised health due to smoking or vaping and people with opioid, methamphetamine, cannabis, and other substance use disorders could find themselves at increased risk of COVID-19 and its more serious complications—for multiple physiological and social/environmental reasons.


A message from Mrs. Hatch:

During this public health crisis, here are some key pieces of information on how we are able to connect:

I want to assure you that you still have access to all of the York High School Community for whatever you may need and I am here to support you in any way I can. While school is closed, I will be available by email, voicemail and zoom conferencing and phone. I am available during my regularly scheduled days: Monday, Thursday and Friday. Below, I’ve outlined ways in which you will be able to connect with me, as well as some general information that we should all have either for ourselves, or to support someone you love:

  • All communication will be via your York School District Google account:
    • Email - I will be responding to email throughout each day. Outside of scheduled instruction times, I will not have the availability to check email and/or voice mail or call requests. If you find that you have an emergency, please speak to your parent or guardian and contact the appropriate community agency for support.
      • A listing of several supports are included below.
    • Making an Appointment - This is a 2 step process
      • If you would like to have a video (via ZOOM) for any concerns, you are able to book with by:

1. Book an appointment, using the “You Can Book Me” app link:


2. Sign the Informed Consent Form


    • Phone Connect - Use the same 2 step process above, plus
      • Be sure to email me a reliable phone number.
  1. When I call, it will say “No Caller ID”. My number will not show up. An unrecognizable number will show up. Please answer this call. I will attempt to connect with you twice, before we establish a new time to connect.
    • Voicemail - To leave me a short, but detailed voicemail, please dial: (207) 363-3621 Ext. 51123. Please be sure to speak clearly and slowly.