• York Hospital is offering a virtual walk-in telehealth program through their website (https://www.yorkhospital.com/virtual-walk-in-care-visits-now-available-via-telemedicine/), designed to answer FAQs that will assist patients to determine whether or not a telehealth visit is the correct format to connect with, depending on their complaint. Families can also connect to York Hospital via their phone using the "SnapMD" app downloaded via Apple or Google Play. The best number to call if you do not have a PCP and need guidance about care is (207) 351-2273.
  • Disease reports from community providers and labs constitute the basis for effective public health prevention and intervention efforts. Disease reporting from individuals is also critical to maintain public health in Maine. If you have been exposed to someone that is COVID-19 positive, please report it using the disease reporting contact information: Phone 1-800-821-5821 (24 hrs a day)

At York High School we understand that students are often faced with additional, non-academic challenges that make learning difficult. Teenagers experience many pressures and stressors in their busy lives. With an increased demand on their time and focus, they are often searching for healthy ways to cope and preserve their mental and emotional well-being. Our Wellness team is committed to working with students to help them stay physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy.

We have created this landing page for students, parents and educators. We have tried to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date research, and best-practices information to assist you and your family in navigating the complex nature of behavior as it relates to not only substance use, but social-emotional well-being, mental health, self-care and building self-efficacy for each and every student at York High School.

Kathleen Damiano Social Workerkdamiano@yorkschools.org
Lynne Hatch Wellness Counselorlhatch@yorkschools.org