Senior Exams

SAT, ACT, & SAT Subject Tests

Most seniors retake the SAT in the fall of the senior year. The recommended date for the test depends on the individual admission deadline. Students should consult the college’s website or call the Admissions Office to clarify the best time to take the SAT. Students must register online for the SAT through the College Board website.

Some students also take the ACT, another college entrance exam that differs slightly from the SAT. Although York High is not a test center for the ACT, Berwick Academy usually offers the ACT throughout the year.

Seniors must request official SAT or ACT score reports to be sent directly from the testing agnecy to the colleges. Although some colleges are “test optional,” the majority of colleges do still require one of these tests as part of the admission process. Students may arrange to have the test results sent directly to the colleges when they register to take the exam.

A few highly selective colleges and universities also require students to take the SAT Subject Tests. In some cases, this requirement is waived if the ACT is taken. Please consult the individual college to clarify their policy.

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