Senior Admission Terms

Important Admissions Terms

Early Decision Plans:

  • Students can apply to only one Early Decision college.
  • If the college accepts the student and offers enough financial aid, the student must go to that college. That is why these plans are referred to as “binding.”
  • Some colleges have two early deadlines, Early Decision I and Early Decision II. They both work the same way, but the second deadline gives you more time to decide whether to apply early.
  • Although students may apply to additional colleges through the regular admission process, they must withdraw all other applications if they are accepted by this college.

Early Action Plans:

  • Students may apply to more than one early action college.
  • Some colleges also offer an Early Action I and Early Action II option.
  • If students are accepted, they can say yes right away, wait until spring to decide, or decline the offer.
  • Early action plans enable families to compare financial aid packages in the spring.

Rolling Admissions:

  • While Rolling Admission has no set deadlines, and students can apply throughout the year, the college will review applications and fill spots on a first-come, first-served basis.

Regular Decision:

  • The college has a standard and specific deadline and a standard notification period.

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