College Visits

College visits are a very important part of the college process and can provide valuable information to students and parents about the schools to which they are considering applying. Students should begin visiting schools of interest in the spring semester of their junior year, although some may start this process even earlier.

Visiting prospective schools will help students to gain a sense of whether or not the school is a good “fit”. Be sure to sign up for both an Information Session and a Campus Tour through the admissions office. These tours can be scheduled online or by calling the admissions office directly. Some things to take note of on a college tour are: the college setting (rural, urban, suburban), the size of the school, distance from home, class sizes, dorm rooms, cafeteria, extra-curriculars, and other opportunities the campus may offer. Be sure to ask questions on all of your campus tours. Questions To Ask on College Campus Tours

Excused absences for college visits are permitted as long as the student fills out a College Visitation Form in the Student Services Office ahead of time.

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