College Search

Ways to search for the right college:

  • Talk with your counselor, your parents, and your friends.
  • Use the Naviance software program to help with your college search. Naviance has convenient links to college websites.
  • Talk to the college representatives who visit the Student Services Office. Check the College Visit page on Naviance (, listen to morning announcements, and check the calendar board in the Student Services Office to see when and who will be visiting York High School. You must sign up for these college visits ahead of time on Naviance and be sure to ask your teachers if you may miss part of their class.
  • Visit York High School’s Student Services for updated information about the entire college search process.
  • Visit the Student Services Office to browse through college viewbooks or comprehensive handbooks such as Barron’s, Peterson’s, The College Board Handbook, and The Fiske Guide to Colleges.

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