Telephone Prompt

When asking someone to supervise your Career Quest program...

  • Tell the person your name and your school

  • Explain that you are required to do a job shadow during your junior year

  • Tell the person that the Career Quest Program is April 7th

  • Tell the person why you would like to job shadow there. You could tell the person how you got his or her name.

  • Ask the person if he/she would consider supervising your job shadow and designing a schedule to work with you on those two days.

If the person says he/she cannot supervise your study, you could ask him/her if he/she can think of other individuals with a similar career that you might call. Ask for the person's name and phone number.

Remember to thank the person!!

If the person agrees to supervise you...

  • Tell this person that you will be sending him/her information about the Career Quest Program and his/her role as your supervisor.

  • Tell the person that you will also be sending a work schedule and contract for him/her to sign and return.

  • Ask for their mailing address and e-mail address!

  • Tell him/her that you - will be e-mailing him/her in March and any further questions may be addressed then. (Tell this person that he/she could also e-mail Kevin Beatty at the high school ( if he/she wants to ask any questions before hand. Make sure they put "Career Quest" and your name in the 'subject' area so that Mr. Beatty knows that it is not SPAM and can pass the message to you.

  • You may want to discuss possibilities for the two days and what they could look like.

Remember to thank the person!!

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