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2017-18 Academic Year

Quarter 1 9/6/17 - 11/3/17

Quarter 2 11/6/17 - 1/16/18 (S1)

Quarter 3 1/22/18 - 4/6/18

Quarter 4 4/9/18 - 6/26/18 (S2)

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The Role of Parents and Guardians

Discussions at home help students to create a meaningful Career Quest Program. Conversations about interests and possible future careers help immensely in assisting students in developing ideas for their future and this program.

Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the student and the parent to decide and arrange the job shadow site!

Below are some questions that you may want to discuss with your son or daughter at home:

  • What careers interest you?

  • What subjects do you enjoy the most?

  • What subjects do you have the most success in?

  • Do you see any career links to these subject areas?

Finding the person to job shadow is the most critical component of creating a meaningful and exciting Career Quest Program.

  • What contacts do we have that relate to your interests?

  • Of these people, who is the most able to create a meaningful job shadow experience?

Program Guidelines

Successful completion of the Career Quest Program entails:

  1. Attendance at the job site for both days and completion of all requirements listed “CareerQuest Expectations”. All students that miss all or part of the Career Quest due to illness or other extenuating circumstances must makeup the time that is missed. The student may make up the time during a school vacation or non-school day if the job site supervisor agrees.

  2. Students are responsible for making the arrangements for their own Job Shadow Program sites.

    1. Lists of previous job sites are available with each Guidance Counselor and English Teacher.

    2. Guidance Counselors will be available to discuss possible job sites with students who need direction or help in making connections with personnel. You can e-mail them using their first initial and last name

    3. Melanie Ladd, Community Resource Coordinator will also be available to share ideas and resources if needed. She can be reached by e-mail (

  3. Students who plan a project that must be completed out of state or outside the greater York area are responsible for transportation, supervision, housing (if required) and finances. Parents indicate their consent for such out-of-town projects by their signature on the contract.

  4. Students may not job shadow an immediate family member. Students may not be paid for the job shadow experience. Students cannot job shadow where they are currently employed.

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