Career Quest

The Career Quest program is designed to provide students with information about a potential career of interest and to help inform their post-secondary decisions.

This program is facilitated through Prides and involves students completing various activities, including researching careers of interest, interviewing people in those careers, writing a resume, and completing a job shadow experience. We are proud to partner with local and regional businesses that provide invaluable career exploration opportunities for our students. The Career Quest Program is a graduation requirement.

Career Quest Job Shadow

The York School Department is committed to ensuring that every student during their time at YHS has developed a post-secondary plan to support the success of all of our students. In an effort to help students become aware of different careers, understand the educational requirements, gain job seeking skills, and get the chance to see what someone in a specific career typically does we have developed the Career Quest Program.

What is the Career Quest Program?

The Career Quest Program (CQP) is a one day job shadowing program in which students go into the community and shadow an occupation of their choice. This experience may serve to allow students to explore a new occupation they are unfamiliar with or reaffirm a chosen career path.

Who Participates in the CQP?

Every student in their junior year will participate in the CQP. The program is reported on the student's transcript as a Pass/Fail grade. Students who choose to participate in the vocational programs offered by the Sanford Regional Vocational Center are not required to participate in the program however it is an option for them.

When is the CQP?

The CQP takes place in steps throughout the junior year. The CQP kicks off in early with an informational meeting for students and parents in early February.

Students complete the job shadowing portion of the program in the middle of the spring semester. All requirements such as resume, informational letter, and signed contracts need to be in by the assigned date prior to participating in the program.

Where do the students go?

Students are allowed to go anywhere they would like for the CQP. It is important to remember that the family is responsible for transportation. Our objective is to have the students get the best experience they can with this program. This past year we had students travel as far as Augusta, Portland, Boston, Rhode Island, Lake Placid, and Stratton Mountain, VT. However a majority of the the students stay in the immediate area. All sites must be approved by a member of the Career Quest Team and a parent.

Important Contract Information:

IF the contract is not returned with the following signatures: student, site supervisor, parent ...then the student is not allowed to attend the job shadow!!

If the student shadows without permission... the school will mark them absent and they are no longer covered under school liability.

The Parent signs the contract AFTER the job site supervisor signs... so parents are aware of any specific requirements (for example... special times to come in, specific attire).