Dual Enrollment

Students have two Dual Enrollment options available to them this summer and during the upcoming school year - Explore EC and On Course for College. Explore EC is affiliated with Maine’s four year public universities and On Course for College is affiliated with Maine’s community colleges. Both programs provide students with the opportunity to take FREE or reduced cost college level courses while in high school.

Benefits of Early college courses:

  • Courses for qualified students are tuition and fee free (up to 12 credits per academic year). Students are responsible for purchasing books.

  • Students earn .5 high school credits per course.

  • Early College students have more options for their high school curriculum, gain academic confidence, and develop better study skills.

  • Students have the potential to reduce their college debt burden.

  • Students can show college admissions officers that they are ready for more difficult coursework.

  • Students build a college transcript while still in high school. The college credits earned may be transferred to other colleges. Students will need to check with their institution about transferring credits when they enroll.

  • Early College students can explore majors and career options, or get a jump start in a field through one of our many pathway programs.

Interested students should first speak with their school counselor about their desire to take an early college course and discuss their appropriateness for a course, how it fits into their academic plan, and review the requirements, prerequisites, and expectations of the course.

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