NEASC Rubrics

York High School - Social, Civic & Academic Expectations Rubrics

Academic Expectations


  • Demonstrate listening skills (approved 10/12) Rubric
  • Demonstrate oral skills (approved 4/11) Rubric
  • Demonstrate written skills (approved 5/12) Rubric
  • Demonstrate visual skills (approved 10/12) Rubric
  • Demonstrate technological communication skills (approved 4/11) Rubric

B. Demonstrate effective organizational skills and productive study habits (implemented 9/13) Rubric

C. Demonstrate higher order thinking and effective problem solving skills (approved 4/11) Rubric

Social and Civic Expectations

D. Leave YHS with a plan in place for their futures (approved 4/11) Rubric

E. Develop the skills and knowledge to pursue a healthy and independent lifestyle (approved 4/11) Rubric

F. Are respectful, responsible, and ethical citizens (approved 4/11) Rubric

G. Attend school and classes (approved 4/11) Rubric