Community Input

Community feedback from Wednesday morning, November 10, 2010


Specific Alterations...

  • kids role????
  • don’t let kids fall through the cracks
  • “success” means (and naturally extends to) everything else!
  • change “intellectual honesty” to “honesty”
  • change to: “YHS is committed to...”
  • the slant seems leaning toward the accelerated student
  • make more concise
  • “integrity” needs to be included somehow


General thoughts...

  • personalization of success... how do we keep track of this?
  • is enough technology available?
  • personalization may mean having to alter/bend the rules???
  • pressure felt for kids to go to college... school AND community must affirm other options
  • who is the “customer” for this set of core values


  • all students, not most
  • communication skills (oral & written... a MUST!)
  • a firm understanding of core concepts in each discipline
  • problem solving
  • organization & study habits... independence in doing so
  • analytic and inquisitive
  • leave comfort zone
  • students accountable for their own success... independence in doing so
  • listening skills
  • life skills (accounting, balancing checkbook, doing laundry, etc)
  • handwriting skills
  • drivers ed/driving skills


  • exposure to more career options AND non-four year colleges
  • all careers celebrated including vocational
  • more adult interaction (careers/career quest)
  • teamwork in heterogeneous groupings
  • personalize choices
  • failure is an opportunity to learn
  • parent interaction with “after High School” options and support
  • responsible for one’s actions
  • experience potential job/career options early (freshman year)
  • apprenticeship programs
  • curriculum and logistical school day needs more flexibility
  • expand career quest


  • community service: ALL kids!
  • foster the “attitude” of service by starting early (don’t wait til Jr or Sr year)
  • keep community expectation(s) reasonable and doable
  • bridge the “community gaps”; more interaction and working together
  • build the sense of community
  • connect the academic with the civic!
  • classroom should reflect similar expectations
  • be familiar with Rotary and other civic organizations
  • connect with non-profits
  • online opportunities to serve
  • all should be voters!
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The YHS community does whatever it takes to help students succeed. Each person is valued as a meaningful member in this community. Our school is built upon intellectual honesty, high standards, and a commitment to open inquiry fostering lifelong learning.

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