NEASC Committee Assignments

Core Values, Beliefs and Learning Expectations - Jeremie Sirois

Sarah Bolanos

Mike Martin

Rob Munn

Rick Paine

Tony Robinson

Amy Rosenberg

Curriculum - Mike Cleary

Christine Caprio

Stan Cowan

Lora Cyr

Tina Jovanovich

Alice O’Connor

Matt Rosenberg

Bill Walsh

Instruction - Sarah Straz

Jeff Barry

Michelle Boom

Doug Charamut

Stephanie Cleary

Jordana Cowan

Anne Lewis

Maureen Maloney

Kendall Perkins

Bryan Thompson

Jenna Yeomelakis

Assessment - Sue Simoneau

Sarah Bolanos

Catherine Curry

Lindsay Nichols

Beth Nowers

Dan Sovetsky

Alalia Thaler

Rachel Tinervin

School Culture - Steve Freeman

Karen Boardman

Carl Gersten

Becky Hembree

Melanie Kyer

Paula Leroux

Lynne Michaud

Jeff Smith

Lisa Stathopolos

Bill True

School Resources - Carmen L-K

Kevin Beatty

Sue Bruno

Mary Condon

Heidi Dufresne

Renee Fifield

Mary Merrill

Leslie Pettigrew

Paul Semprini

Kate Wiebe

Community Resources - Nancy Stevens

Rick Brault

Gina Brodsky

Gary Phipps

Mary Trigge

Kevin Wyatt

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Personalization, Academic Rigor, and Success for Every Student

The YHS community does whatever it takes to help students succeed. Each person is valued as a meaningful member in this community. Our school is built upon intellectual honesty, high standards, and a commitment to open inquiry fostering lifelong learning.

Integrity - Perseverance - Responsibility - Citizenship - Moral Courage - Respect