Timeline for NEASC Visitation

April - June 2010

Finalize selection of co-chair and steering committee membership

May 2010

Attend Self-Study Seminar

Submit press release on seminar participation to local news media

June 2010

Submit application for Evaluation

Submit press release on steering committee selection to local news media

Draw up tentative budget for self-study and evaluation visit

August 2010

Receive letter from CPSS with date for the evaluation visit September 2010

Receive Accreditation Packet

Distribute preference sheets for committee assignments

Make committee assignments

Schedule date for a Fall 2010 visit by Commission staff member

October 2010

Order and administer required parent, teacher, and student self-study opinion surveys

October to December 2010

Begin work on School and Community Summary and collection of evidence

November 2010

collect feedback and data regarding Mission Statement and Core Values

from students in TEAMs

from Community in Forum

December 2010

Formally adopt new YHS Mission and Core ValuesDec 1 faculty meeting:

adopt Mission, make recommendations for Core ValuesDec 8 faculty meeting:

adopt Core Values, outline timeline ahead of usJanuary 2011 to February 2011

Begin all formal Committee work

Committee work ongoing

development of school-wide rubrics to support Student Expectations (Academic, Social & Civic) March through April 2011

ratify Core Values and measurable Learning Expectation statementMay through June 2011

Committee work collecting data and drawing conclusions

ongoing development and piloting of school-wide rubrics

development and/or formalization of subject area rubrics

June through Summer 2011

Finalize plans for visiting committee accommodations

Steering Committee Chair(s) contact Commission staff to update progress

ongoing writing of standards report drafts and rubric development

AUG INSERVICE DAYS (as designated)

Overview of School-wide Rubrics & Committee WorkWed SEPT 14 (FACULTY MEETING)

faculty meeting agenda & Committee Work

Core Values report posted online for reviewWed SEPT 21 (FACULTY MEETING)

ADOPT Core Values (Jeremie) in faculty meeting

Committee Work

Community Resources document submitted to the Steering CommitteeWed SEPT 28 (FACULTY MEETING)

Mini rubric activity & Committee WorkWed OCT 5

Community Resources document posted online for reviewFri OCT 7 (inservice)

Mini rubric activities & Committee WorkWed OCT 12 (FACULTY MEETING)

ADOPT Community Resources (Nancy) in faculty meetingWed OCT 19 (FACULTY MEETING)

Committee Work

School Culture document submitted to the Steering Committee

School Culture document posted online for review (Thurs Oct 20)Wed OCT 26 (FACULTY MEETING)

ADOPT School Culture (Steve) in faculty meeting

School Resources document submitted to the Steering Committee

Wed NOV 2

Curriculum document submitted to the Steering Committee

School Resources document posted online for review


ADOPT School Resources (Carmen) in faculty meeting

Curriculum document posted online for review

Instruction document submitted to the Steering Committee


ADOPT Curriculum (Mike) in faculty meeting

Instruction document posted online for review


ADOPT Instruction (Sarah) in faculty meeting

Assessment document submitted to the Steering Committee

Wed DEC 7

Assessment document posted online for review


ADOPT Assessment (Sue) in faculty meeting


open as needed

January 2012

Develop 2 and 5 year targeted plans based on school’s critical strengths and needs

Organize self-study materials for visiting committee workroom

Review the visiting committee list for acceptances

Prepare preliminary information to be mailed to visiting committee members

Make final preparations for welcoming reception

Steering Committee Chair(s) contact Commission staff liaison to update progress

Meet with visiting committee chair and assistant chair to discuss topics on the preliminary visit checklist

Submit the following to the Commission office: a. school’s Core Values, Beliefs, and Learning Expectations

b. School and Community Summary

c. printed or electronic copies of the seven Standards Reports and Executive Summaries

d. Statement of School’s Critical Strengths and Needs

e. Program of Studies booklet

f. Checklist on Completion of Self-Study Materials

Obtain visiting committee assignment from chair and mail appropriate self-study materials to visiting committee members along with preliminary information described in the Accreditation Handbook

Schedule times and rooms for meetings between groups and appropriate visiting committee members; discuss committee assignments and work schedule with chair

Remind all constituents of scheduled meetings with visiting committee members during on-site visit and of importance of promptness

Finalize preparations for teacher interviews and the panel presentation March 4 through 7, 2012

Provide appropriate materials in visiting committee workroom in the school


Submit press release on visit of committee to news media

March to July 2012

adopt school-wide rubrics

August 2012 - Principal distributes:

sufficient final copies of report to school board, central office administration, faculty, and public

one final copy of report to State Department of Education

September 2012 - Attend Follow-Up Seminar

Commission reviews report and takes action

October/November 2012 - Commission notifies principal, superintendent, and board chair of Commission


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