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September is National School Attendance Month!

**NEW: Special Education Administrator Vacancy

Important School Bus Route Information

The school department will be re-posting bus routes on school websites today 8-26-19. You my also access your child’s bus route by clicking on the link http://www.ledgemeretransportation.com/york.php and login to Traversa Ride 360. Before you can login, you should have informed Ledgemere your child is taking the bus. You must use your child’s Power School ID. If you do not know the ID number, please contact your child’s school or Ledgemere.

Bus Stop Listing with Times

Ledgemere York Terminal Webpage

Official 2019 - 2020 School Calendar

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Personalization, Academic Rigor, and Success for Every Student

The YHS community does whatever it takes to help students succeed. Each person is valued as a meaningful member in this community. Our school is built upon intellectual honesty, high standards, and a commitment to open inquiry fostering lifelong learning.

Integrity - Perseverance - Responsibility - Citizenship - Moral Courage - Respect