Parents are encouraged to administer medications outside of school hours when possible. For medications that require administration during school hours, please complete and sign a Medication Permission Form for each medication brought to the office. See link below. The Medication Permission Form must be completed annually and will not carry over year to year. This form applies to all daily meds, as needed meds and emergency meds such as Epi Pens.

To provide the safest medication administration possible, we ask that parents are responsible for the following:

1. Please give the first dose of a new medication at home

2. Please provide the school with medication in the original container transported to school by the parent or adult designee. Obtain duplicate bottle from pharmacy for school.

3. No more than a one month supply of any drug may be kept at school. No more than three doses of a narcotic pain reliever may be stored at school at any time.

4. Controlled substances will be counted and documented. It is the parent's responsibility to transport these medications to and from school.

5. Please notify the nurse if dose or administration times are adjusted and provide documentation from doctor/dentist

6. All medications must be taken home by the last day of school or they will be discarded

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