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All juniors are required to take the SAT in April as part of the Maine Comprehensive Assessment System.  This administration of the SAT is paid for by the State of Maine and students are automatically registered for this test.  The test date for 2016-2017 school year is: Wednesday, April 5th.

The SAT and ACT are two very different college entrance exams. Both are nationally administered and are used to help colleges evaluate applicants. The SAT is a three-part test (Reading, Math, Writing) while the ACT has four sections (English, Math, Reading, Science) and an optional Writing section. Most colleges will accept either test equally.

A college’s decision whether or not to accept students will not rely solely on SAT or ACT scores. Colleges look at many different factors when making an admission decision, including transcript, extracurricular activities, recommendations and essay. They want indicators of college success and some will use the SAT or the ACT to determine this, but it is only one part of the application process. Alternatively, many colleges and universities no longer require standardized tests for admission or require a supplement in their place. Please research options at www.fairtest.org or see your counselor (2015-2016 The College Road Map, Maine Education Services).

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