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Steering Committee Minutes 2011-12
Thurs February 9 ~ 7:15 am
*Reviewed punch list for visitation prep
*Created itinerary and speakers for Sunday, March 4th Panel Presentation
*Homework: ongoing
*next meeting: T.B.A.

Thurs January 26 ~ 7:15 am
*Reviewed punch list for visitation prep
*Updates on all work to be done, assigned tasks
*Homework: too much to mention :-)
*next meeting: T.B.A.

Wed December 21 ~ 2:15 
*Reviewed faculty survey monkey of strengths/needs priorities and formed final “Critical Strengths and Needs” list
*Homework: Rob and Michele prepare for January 11 faculty Meeting outlining next steps in NEASC preparation
*next meeting: T.B.A.

Thurs December 15 ~ 7:15 am
*Met with Standards chairs to discuss Dec 21st work reviewing support documentation/evidence
*Homework: Rob post survey monkey of top strengths and needs to faculty
*next meeting: T.B.A.

Thurs December 8 ~ 7:15 am
*Reviewed upcoming deadlines and organization of upcoming next steps
*next meeting: Thurs December 15 @ 7:15

Mon December 5 ~ 7:15 am
*Completed review of Assessment report
*Homework: Rob post revisions on Scribd
*next meeting: Thurs December 8 @ 7:15

Thurs December 1 ~ 7:15 am
*Began review of Assessment report
*next meeting: Mon December 5 @ 7:15

Tues November 22 ~ 7:15 am
*Completed review of Instruction report
*Homework: Rob post revisions on Scribd
*next meeting: Thurs December 1 @ 7:15

Fri November 18 ~ 7:15 am
*Continued review of Instruction report
*Homework: Rob submit revisions to committee
*next meeting: Tues November 22 @ 7:15

Thurs November 17 ~ 7:15 am
*Continued review of Instruction report
*next meeting: Fri November 18 @ 7:15

Tues November 15 ~ 7:15 am
*Began review of Instruction report
*next meeting: Thurs November 17 @ 7:15

Thurs November 10 ~ 11:25 am
*Completed review of Curriculum report
*Homework: Rob submit to committee, post revisions on Scribd
*next meeting: Tues November 15 @ 7:15

Thurs November 10 ~ 7:15 am
*continued review of Curriculum report
*next meeting: 11:25

Wed November 9 ~ 7:15 am
*Began review of Curriculum report
*next meeting: Thurs November 10 @ 7:15

Mon October 31 ~ 7:15 am
*Completed review of School Resources report
*Homework: Rob post on Scribd
*next meeting: Wed November 9 @ 7:15

Thurs October 27 ~ 7:15 am
*Began review of School Resources report
*next meeting: Mon October 31 @ 7:15 

Fri October 21 ~ 7:15 am
*Completed review of School Culture revised report
*Homework: Rob post on Scribd
*next meeting: Thurs October 27 @ 7:15 

*Thurs October 20 ~ 7:15 am
*Began review of School Culture revised report
*next meeting: Fri October 21 @ 7:15

Wed October 19 ~ 2:30 
*Review of calendar and needs between January and March
*Homework: Rob develop bullet checklist if items to be put into a calendar outline
*next meeting: Thurs October 20 @ 7:15 am

Wed October 12 ~ 7:15 am
*Review of options for completion, posting and approval of School Culture Report
*next two wed meetings for faculty flip-flopped; 19th to be school-wide committee work, 26th for faculty adoption of School Culture
*next meeting: Wed October 19 @ 2:15

Fri October 7 ~ 8:30 am
*Review of initial draft of School Culture report, edits recommended 
*next meeting: Wed October 12 @ 7:15

Thurs September 29 ~ 7:15 am
*Review of initial draft of Community Resources report, edits recommended 
*Decision made to hand over all Rubric “roll out” work to Leadership Team for this year
*next meeting: Fri October 7 @ 8:30 (inservice day)

Thurs September 8 ~ 7:15 am
*Review of initial draft of Core Values report, edits recommended 
*Homework: Jeremie review with his standard committee to submit final edit
*next meeting: TBA

Wed August 31 ~ 10:15
*Standards Reports: 
* we need an online repository that will allow for comments underneath
* reports will need to be submitted to Rob the Wednesday morning PRIOR to posting
* the Thursday morning prior to posting the Steering Committee will review the document
* concerns will be brought to the Committee Chair immediately for clarification or further action
*Homework: Rob develop online repository via Bryan Thompson recommendation
*Homework: Rob articulate change in the process to committee chairs
*Homework: Michele check in with areas around school to facilitate technology use/document review
*next meeting: Thurs Sept 8 @ 7:15

Steering Committee Minutes 2010-11

Tues June 21 ~ 1:00
Rubric Work update... Q & A with Lynne and Beth
Reviewed applicants for Editor and voted
Draft calendar - new week by week detailed calendar presented
Rubric workshops will be rolled out on Wednesdays we are NOT Adopting Standards reports
Rubrics for A1, A2 and B reviewed, modified and adopted
next meeting: T.B.A.

Wed June 15 ~ 2:30
*Rubric development on A1, A2 and B
*Rubrics for A1 and A2 drafted, B will be drafted by next Tuesday
*Homework: Loretta & Rob develop ideas for rubric B
*next meeting: Tues June 21 @ 1:00

Wed June 1 ~ 1:00 (block 6)
*Rubric Work update... getting closer all the time
*Connection w/RTI update - still concern that two initiatives are overlapping and we need to connect
*Draft calendar - draft presented of Fall/Winter of next year for consideration
*Editor position to be posted, details discussed surrounding it
*Homework: Rob forward calendar update to Standards Chair
*Homework: Rob post Editor position on YHS news
*Homework: Bob set up adjunct meetings
*next meeting: T.B.A.

Wed May 25 ~ 1:00 (block 6)
*Individual check in - concerns around general timeline, Rubric drafts release timeline, faculty needing more clarity around rubrics and practical application, clarity of connection to RTI
*Rubric Work overview and status - Committee depleted but working diligently
*Rubric connection w/RTI - reviewed connection made with Karen around connecting Expectations Rubrics to RTI
*Standards Committees statuses - all feel like they know where they’re at and what their timelines will be
*Overview of Draft calendar - draft presented of Fall/Winter of next year for consideration
*Editor decision - tabled
*Loose ends - tabled
*next meeting: Wed June 1, 1:00 (block 6)

Tues May 24 ~ 7:15 am (with Standards Committee Chairs)
*Check-in of statuses
*Review immediate and long term needs of each Committee
*next meeting: Wed 25, 1:00 (block 6)

Tues May 10 ~ 7:15 am (with Standards Committee Chairs)
*Update of Rubric Committee work, agreement that they will submit Rubrics as they are deemed ready on an individual basis
*Set agenda items for Wed May 11 afternoon meetings with input from Standards Chairs
*Homework: Carmen and Rob set agenda for Wed May 11 meetings
*Homework: Sue to coordinate a meeting with Standards Chairs for Assessment, Instruction and Curriculum
*next meeting: T.B.A.

Mon April 4 ~ 7:15 am
*assigned facilitator (Michele) for Wed’s faculty meeting to determine final Learning Expectations Language (E and F)
*agreed to move forward with Rubric Committee with goal to deliver to Faculty by May 1st
*discussed possibility of per diem work for each Committee to designate one person to do a preliminary draft for their Standard over the Summer
*determined need to convene Standards Chairs and fill them in with where we’re at and listen to where they are at; address concerns they may currently have
*reviewed Ruth and Jeremie’s NEASC visitation experience
*reviewed logistic need for “collection bins”
*Homework: Loretta and Matt forward new Rubric drafts to Rob
*Homework: Rob to convene Rubric Committee
*Homework: Michele to set up meeting with Standards Chairs
*Homework: Bob to determine if Summer per diem work will be an option for Standards Committee drafts to be developed
*Homework: Jeremie to have filing bins ordered and distributed in conjunction with Barb
*next meeting: T.B.A.

Tues March 22 ~ 1:00 pm
*drafted Learning Expectations language off of faculty ideas from Wed 3/16
*determined voting procedures and protocol for Wed 3/23 Learning Expectations ratification
*next meeting: T.B.A.

Thurs March 10 ~ 7:15 am
*determined next steps and process for determining/voting on core values on Fri 3/11 inservice
*next meeting: T.B.A.

Mon March 7 ~ 2:15 pm
*drafted initial ideas for core values to be submitted for faculty review, edit, alteration on Wed March 9
*next meeting: Thurs March 10 @ 7:15
Tues March 1 ~ 7:15 am
*approved plan to “back up”a bit to finish core values and wordsmith 21st Century Skills
*NEASC meetings for week of the 7th will be devoted to this
*next meeting: Mon March 7 @ 2:15

Wed Feb 9 ~ 2:15 pm
*discussed current concerns among staff... burnout, overtaxed, frustrated - all very real concerns
*Ruth and Michele reported out from Lodging visits; unanimous approval of Stage Neck Inn to host Visiting Team in March 2012
*discussed editor needs, possibilities
*determined with Loretta that there should be multiple types of school-wide writing rubrics
*discussed possible workroom spaces for the Visiting Team
*discussed need to consolidate/clarify Mission, Learning Expectations, et al
*Homework: Loretta to continue developing writing rubric drafts
*Homework: Matt to continue developing critical thinking rubric
*Homework: Bob to investigate editor fee from Middle School NEASC self study report
*next meeting: T.B.A.

Tues Feb 1 ~ 7:15 am
*reviewed and approved new batch of rubrics. Now approved:
* class attendance
* oral project/presentation
* listening
* social skills
* classroom expectations
* goal setting
*Critical Thinking and Writing rubric drafts must be rewritten
*Homework: Loretta to develop writing rubric draft
*Homework: Matt to develop critical thinking rubric
*next meeting: Wed Feb 9 @ 2:15

Thurs Jan 20 ~ 12:00 noon (early release exam day)
*reviewed proposed faculty/LT/NEASC meeting schedule for remainder of year
*gave recommendations for each of the standards the committees felt we currently “do not meet”
*reviewed report from York Harbor Inn visit
*pre-approved 21 Century Learning rubrics for Attendance and Classroom Expectations
*Homework: Rob to present calendar proposal to LT on Jan 26
*Homework: Ruth & Michele to continue lodging visits
*Homework: Rob to disseminate “do not meet” recommendations to committee chairs
*next meeting: Thurs Jan 27 @ 7:15am

Wed Dec 22 ~ 2:30 pm
*rubrics will be completely similar in format but not strict value (“weight” of each may vary from class to class)
*Homework: Ruth & Michele to scope out lodging visits; visiting team accommodations
*next meeting: T.B.A.

Wed Dec 15 ~ 1:00 (block 6)
*LOTS of discussion around many topics...
*we will be developing the rubrics as a steering committee during Standards Committee meeting times, presenting them to the Faculty for formal vote when completed
*rubrics will be completely similar in format and value
*next meeting: Wed Dec 22, faculty meeting time

Thursday Nov 18 ~ 1:00 (block 6)
*budget meeting to prepare for next year’s expenses including committee visit
*outline of work for the next 7 months (added to timeline)
*outline of faculty meeting agenda and goals for both December 1st and 8th (added to timeline)
*Homework: Rob to finish collating data from TEAM discussions from week of November 8
*Homework: Rob & Michele to organize documents for December 1 faculty meeting
*next meeting: T.B.A.

Wednesday Nov 3 ~ 1:00 (block 6)
*organizational meeting for next week’s Community Forum
*next meeting: T.B.A., but only after feedback/input from ALL constituents

Thursday Oct 28 ~ 1:00 (block 6)
*much discussion (and a call to George Edwards) cementing that we have already developed “core values”
*Jeremie distributed Core Values (Pers, Ac Rig & Success...) and accompanying paragraph draft
*Core Values will serve as the starting point for developing a 21st Century Skills list
*Core Values to be discussed and 21st C. skills to be gleaned in:
1. Parent/Community forum on Wed Nov 10th, 7:00 to 8:30 am
2. TEAM (student input) meetings during the week of November 8th
3. Faculty/Learning Community groups at faculty meeting of Wed Nov 3rd
*Homework: Rob and Loretta to develop 4 day discussion organization for TEAMs
*Homework: Ruth (with help/input) to set up phone list, call to invite folks to the Nov 10 forum
*Homework: Michele to organize pre-forum “packet” to be mailed out beforehand
*Homework: Rob to organize faculty discussion for Nov 3 meeting
*next meeting: T.B.A., but only after feedback/input from ALL constituents

Monday Oct 25 ~ 7:15 am
*Reviewed need for developing 21st Century skills work
*Decided to be initial ad hoc committee for purpose of beginning process
*Homework: Rob to set up link for the 21st Century Skills guidebook
*next meeting: Thurs October 28 @ 12:45 (block 6)

Wednesday Oct 20 ~ 12:00 noon
*spent the hour with guest, George Edwards
*information around process shared, and questions fielded and answered
*next meeting: T.B.A.

Wednesday Oct 6 ~ 7:15 am
*Opinion Surveys are ready to go!
*Reviewed proposed timeline for dissemination, approved initial steps for Parents survey
*We need to meet again to hammer out logistics for giving the student survey
*Homework: Jeremie to send “announcement” e-mail in preparation for Friday’s Parent Survey release
*Homework: Jeremie to release parent surveys this Friday
*Homework: Michele to coordinate pilot of TEAMs taking of surveys next Tuesday
*Homework: Ruth to coordinate school wide TEAMs taking of surveys this month
*Homework: Rob to send out Teacher surveys for completion next Wed OR by the 20th
*next meeting: Wed October 20 @ noon

Friday Oct 1 ~ 2:00 pm
*Opinion Surveys are ready to go!
*Reviewed proposed timeline for dissemination, approved initial steps for Parents survey
*We need to meet again to hammer out logistics for giving the student survey
*Homework: Michele and Ruth to find out how many computers we can access at once
*Homework: Rob to generate article in local papers
*next meeting: Wed October 6 @ 7:15 am

Thursday Sept 30 ~ 1:15pm (early release day meeting)
*Update on self study guide distribution
*Discussion around dissemination of parent surveys
1. Alert Now would be ideal for electronic
2. let’s use the established surveys
*We need to determine the logistics/times of Committee meetings for the duration of the school year
*A faculty member requested transfer between committees, action accepted with approval from both committee chairs
*Homework: Bob to set up meeting with Henry S. to discuss possible options for extended committee meeting times
*Homework: Michele to set up meal/food for George Edwards’ visit on October 20
*Homework: Ruth to remind staff in e-mail to attempt to get coverage “in house” as first option for meeting release time
*Homework: Rob to get Opinion Survey info
*Homework: Rob to copy Self-Study guides for Steering Committee members
*next meeting: Wed October 20 @ noon (then changed to Wed Oct 6)

Steering Committee Minutes 2009-10

Tuesday April 13 ~ 7:15am
* Finalized draft list of committee assignments
*Homework: Rob double check assignments with chairs and send out to staff for approval
*next meeting: none set

Tuesday April 6 ~ 7:15am
*Met with all committee chairs to outline general expectations between now and the end of the school year:
1. review the NEASC web page for 2011 standards, explanations and examples
2. meet with your committee members to give a general introduction by mid June
*Homework: Rob create draft working document of assignments for next meeting
*next meeting: Tue, April 13 @ 7:15am

Tuesday March 16 ~ 7:15am
*Timeline developed for the weeks leading up to April Vacation:

Wed March 17 -
Faculty Meeting announcement of committee chairs & web page

Mon March 29
SurveyMonkey released to gather requests for committee placements

Fri April 2 -
Survey Monkey closes, placements begin to get made

Tue April 6 - am
introductory meeting with S.C. and newly assigned committee chairs

Tue April 13 - am
S.C. meeting to finalize committee assignments

Fri April 16
committee assignments released
*Homework: Rob create web page, write article/recruit community participation for Education Connection
*Homework: Rob & Bob create SurveyMonkey for general YHS use (over 100 feedback capacity)
*Homework: Ruth make some exploratory general community contacts
*next meeting: Tue, April 6 @ 7:15am

Tuesday March 2 ~ 7:15am
*Discussion of committee chair recommendations
*1st choice recommendations made with S.C. members designated to make contacts
*Homework: ALL e-mail S.C. members with updates as you get them (yeas or nays)
*next meeting: Tue, March 16 @ 7:15am

Thursday February 11 ~ 7:15am
*Introductory meeting with full, newly formed Steering Committee
*Reviewed general timeline and immediate charge
*Discussed need to get standards committees selected, beginning with chair assignments
*Homework: ALL have individual recommendations e-mailed to Matt by 2/26
*Homework: Matt collate/organize committee chair recommendations
*next meeting: Tue, March 2 @ 7:15am

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